The Formula for Success for any Successful Business Begins with a Strong Foundation

How are YOU Staying in Touch?success graph

by Real Estate Coach Judy LaDeur

The more people that you know and that you add to your base, the more likely you are to succeed. This is a relationship business, and your job is to build and maintain relationships on a daily basis.

Your best source of business in any market are the people you know. However, 87% reported that they definitely would use their agent again, but didn’t because they can’t remember who they are or how to find them!

The same survey also shows that marketing, magnets, and newsletters have proven to be far more effective with existing clients, customers and sphere of influence, verses generating new business.

In a newsletter or mailing, you could also offer staging services to friends and family. In your newsletter, insert verbiage “10 of my friends, family or past clients will get a Free Home Staging Makeover Session valued at $498.00. To qualify, please complete the enclosed survey (email and/or letter) about “What Buyers and Sellers Want from their Realtor in today’s market.” Then announce one winner every month throughout the summer. You can even have a drawing at the home of the person you are staging so they know it is not staged. Give them a coupon to use any time this year. You can also give a free Staging Makeover when they send you a referral that buys or sells a home within the year.

Schedule one lunch per week with one of your past clients, friends, family or centers of influence. It is critical that you get face to face with your people. A spin on this idea is to have them invite one of their most influential friends to come along. This is a fabulous networking opportunity and a perfect way to add new people to your database.

Consider throwing a client appreciation party. This is a perfect way to gather your great friends and clients together to thank them for their support and referrals … this will keep the referrals coming.

There are many ways to have a party. You can do a nice party in your home with food, drinks, and music. Many agents get creative and do theme parties like or costume parties. It is normal that you may spend a lot of money to throw a great party but in most cases the party will pay for itself many times over in terms of the referral business you will get as a direct result from the event.

Send personal notes. In this high technology world of emails and form letters, it is important to still maintain a personal touch. A simple way to do this is to send out one handwritten note each day. Each client should receive 4 notes per year.

Another idea is to do “pop by’s” to your database at their home. Say “Hi, I was in the area and thought about you. I wanted to see if this is a good time to stop by for a few minutes?” Spend a few minutes talking and then move on to the next person. You can “map out” where your people are and see many of them on any given day.

The idea here is to ask your sphere of influence for referrals and chat for a while about personal items, improvements to their home, etc. “

, you are one of my best clients, I appreciate your loyalty and I would like to ask you a favor. Statistics show that most people know 100 people. Over the course of the next year, if you have a friend of family member that has a real estate need, would you feel comfortable referring my services? I have selected 50 of my best or favorite clients to approach. My goal this year is to have each of my 50 best clients refer a client to me who will use me to buy or sell a home. Can I count on you? I will send you regular market updates, etc. to stay in touch.

Just some ideas to consider. Another great way to stay positioned of course is The Profitable Sales Agent eNewsletters. Every week, you’ll be delivering valuable content into their inboxes. Our members tell us it takes a lot of the guesswork out of marketing. Our action steps give you a weekly task as well that will bring you closer to your goals. Learn more today! Ready to get started? You’ll also find the staging tips we mentioned here in your membership platform. Use promo code 30OFF to take 30% off your membership!

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